In February 2016, the Volcop team started their operation in Fort Portal. During the survey of the city, we met the villagers of Nyabukara Parish. The people from community who were able to provide only for the most basic needs. Under these circumstances, they had very limited access and knowledge about good hygiene, health, habitability, education and economic development.

As Volcop, we realized that it was not economically feasible for the organisation to work with all the families of the community. Even though we wanted to help all the people of the villages, we were constrained due to the cost involved. Hence, we decided the following criteria as priority for the help while selecting Volcop beneficiaries:

  • Families affected and infected by HIV (PLWHA)
  • Single parented families
  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Children responsible for their siblings or the whole family.(Family headed by the children)
  • Families with many members.

Volcop has created a system among families. It does not focus on donating, rather, Volcop has empowered the people of community by providing a platform to work and earn for their family. We collaborate with families at risk of social exclusion, with the aim of fostering a stable and collective development. In collaboration with them, series of programs are presented that, not only are intended to provide the community with medical assistance and basic standards of education and food, but also seek the active participation of families in the creation, implementation and maintenance of durable and sustainable projects. As for the children, support classes are organized to help them with their regular course. Volcop and families work together as a team for the betterment of the community.

The projects are developed thanks to the work of the 53 families that collaborate with Volcop, the volunteers who have been working with Volcop in supporting the childrens education and also the people that participate in the buying the materials in the organised solidarity markets.

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