The education program is conformed by all the formation activities dedicated to Nyabukara people. This generally includes not only children, but also adults, and even old people. 


The scholarship program is the heart of the education project, and probably of the entire NGO. The currently sponsored 74 kids receive education in a school nearby their communities and they have the potential to attend University and become professionals. 


The support classes for children are held every day from 3:30p.m. to 5:00p.m., except Wednesdays (reserved for adult classes) and weekends. There are classes designed to reinforce the knowledge acquired by children in school and they are completely free. Due to freedom attendance, it’s difficult to say exacly how many children are present in the lessons, but there are about 40 children who attend regulary, divided into 4 classes depending on their class levels and ages. The main topics are English and mathematics, and they are organized by Volcop staff and assisted by volunteers. We use Curriculum books from National Curriculum Development Center, the ones that the Ministry of Education and Sports set for the government schools and recommended. 


Holiday school take place every day during school vacations, in addition to Saturdays during the school period. This is closely related to the support classes, but part of the time spent is dedicated to educational games, music, dances… In this case, volunteers have much more freedom to propose such activities, supervised by education staff.


Adult classes is a program dedicated to education of the parents and guardians of the families that Volcop works with. We teach them skills and we organise talks about different useful terms: childcare, hygiene, family planning, family economy…