Nowadays, Volcop works assisting different problems that Kiteere, Nyabusozi, Kyamukerege, Mukubo, Nyabukara and Bulyanyenje villages face. All of them belong to Nyabukara Parish West Division Fort portal Municipality in Kabarole District (Western Uganda).


Volcop did a survey to understand the living situation and quality of life of the people in Nyabukara community. The end result and data collected are illustrated below;

  • Families are composed of 5 to 15 members. In some families we found out that some members share the beds/ matresses. None of the families has tap water. The common sources of water are : rivers, streams, wells and bore holes.
  • The 34.3% of the total families surveyed have at least one member with HIV.
  • The 24.4% of the people in the community does not have access to pit latrine so insteady they share with other neighbours. Family members make their latrines close to the area where they wash, cook or play. This hygiene issue has been one of the main reasons for the health issues among the families, especially the children.
  • We also have verified that 17.1% of the families can afford only one meal a day, and the rest of the families do it twice or three times a day.

The local food consumed are matooke (variety of steamed green plantain), posho (maize meal), millet, rice, potatoes and legumes. Having access to only limited food, the families do not get a balanced diet.

From the families of the study, only the 11.4% of them have access to light, thanks to solar panels.