sponsor a child

Education is the basis of our organisation. We work with differents schools in Nyabukara. You can change one kid’s life by helping him or her to study.

Become a member

You can join teamming by only 1 euro per month or be a member by contributing 10 euros per month. With this you help us to continue working with our families

social network

Help us to be known. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


You can volunteer with us trough Cooperating Volunteers website.

All you have to do is apply for the community education project. It will be an experience that you’ll never forget!

New ideas

Any other help will be welcomed. Let us know your ideas by contactig us here. It will be a pleasure hearing from you.


Volcop performs many activities to collect money. Participate in our events in Uganda and Spain. Be aware of them by following us to social media!

We receive all kinds of donations directed to the projects and to the maintenance of the organisation.

Any help is welcome!