We have a handcraft workshop. We provide materials to the mothers of the community to make wallets, bracelets, puff holders, head bans, baskets, animations and so many other things using local materials. Volcops´s responsiblity is to get market for the products and after selling them we normally refund a given certain percentage back to the mothers as a of motivating them and the remaining is always re-invested in the projects​.


We made a survey  and found out that most of the family heads are iletrate but have got very brilliant ideas but are limited by finances. We help the parents of the community to have their own businesses by providing them with start-up capital and make an individual planning but we monitor and give them technical advices in relation to the type of businesses they carry out or operate.


One of the objectives of the Adult Classes is to find out the interests or issues of the parents of the community. One of them is the difficulty to save the money for the future. Since January 2020, all parents are saving some money weekly to an account. They all have a personal objective. At the end of the year, this money will be returned to accomplish their objectives. One by one makes a bundle.


Each community has a pig project. They are responsible of taking care and feed them. The objective is every family to have at least one pig in the near future. The families are said to sell one pig is in case if they have more than three pig to settle issues concerning education or health.